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Skin to Skin

When did naked become boring?
Leading up to the unwrapping
An advent of courting 
Kisses courteous
Not so ravenous
Flirtatious giggles
And flitting eyes meeting
A switch flicking
All the magic 
Of first times
We may be wounded 
We may be ready 
We maybe kinda shouldn’t be
Pushing back covers
Or shirts over shoulders 
The clothes over bones 
In drunk alleyways or homes,
Cars, parks, trains and other’s beds
A pushing deeper 
To feel for the surprise 
To remember that feeling;
The first time 
Of goosebumps
Soft skin stroked 
Flesh felt fine
And all the while 
It all revolved around
The kiss
The connect
real skin on skin
Not the deeper 
The faster 
The fuck me harder, fuck me
Where’s the
The real
skin on skin?
The time to draw a line 
From heart to heart
It’ll always be harder
Than the slipping in and out