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would you come closer
so that I might know it
better than the frigid
solitude to which I’ve
been subjected?
would you move me
so I might know the feeling
of kinetic energy
escaping from my flesh?
I need more than the potential.
Freeze away the distance
paved with your hands so 
I can finally touch the warmth
hiding in the core of my fearful heart.
Please bind me to this very spot
so I’m the first to know when you come around
the corner with a warm smile, bearing
more than the potential of a new
love birthed and nurtured, energy
defying all logic, for we are a miracle
transcending nature’s forces.
No longer do I wish to be
a stone wall, impervious to
your every advance upon my
inner sanctum.
Touch me, if only once,
so that what once stood
rigid and immovable would
mold willingly into whatever
form would be most pleasing
for you to hold.
I would hold you, gladly;
let my gentle hugs melt away
all the fear, all the hurt you have
kept in your eyes, molding the shape
of your innocence to a stone wall unable to love.
I wish to escape to the other side,
the happier and brighter side with you,
where our promises of love everlasting
flow like the river and rain to wash away
the fog that bound us to uncertainty.